How large should my email be?

An email marketing message shouldn't exceed about 100 KB in size, as most ISPs (such as Gmail, and Yahoo) tend to flag large emails as spam or even outright reject them.

That's why E-goi won't allow you to send out big messages - you'd ruin your sending reputation!

Very large emails are usually due to:

- Too much content: The lighter your email feels, the more people will be willing to read it. If what you have to say absolutely requires a wall of text and pics, use your email as a teaser! Come up with a small, ultra-enticing intro text and add a "Keep reading" link to the full article at your site. 

Too much HTML code: If your newsletter's source code is a mess, consider recreating it with our Easygoi editor. It's child's play to use and will always aim to generate the tightest, cleanest HTML.