I can't log into E-goi. Help!

E-goi usually requires two basic things: a browser (be sure it's Chrome or Firefox) and an Internet connection. If something goes wonky with either of them, you may be unable to log in.


Are you sure you entered the right login and password?

If E-goi can't match your login to any account, it won't be able to let you through. Be sure you didn't mistype your login, made it uppercase or added spaces before or after it! If you're positive this is the right login, drop us a line. Your account may have been deleted or become unavailable for some reason.

Also make sure you didn't mistype your password (tap the eye icon next to it to uncover it). If you still can't log in, hit "Forgot it?" to create a new one.



Did you clear your browser cache?

Open a private browsing session (press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys on Chrome and Ctrl + Shift + P on Firefox) and try logging into E-goi using this direct link: login.egoiapp.com/login. This will ensure your browser's cache will not get in the way.



Are you using the latest Chrome or Firefox with no extensions or addons?

While you may use E-goi with other browsers, we strongly recommend you go for Chrome or Firefox. Make sure you're using the latest versions of both and, if you can't access E-goi, double-check that you've got no Chrome extensions or Firefox addons enabled.



Is your browser blocking all cookies?

E-goi uses cookies to store some account stuff. Check that you haven't set Chrome to reject all cookies or Firefox to block cookies from any site.



Can't login because E-goi warns you about an adblocker?

Sometimes, adblocking and anti-virus software (especially uBlock and some Kaspersky versions) may get a little cranky and prevent you from logging into E-goi.

If you use uBlock, simply head over to your E-goi account's login, bring up uBlock and hit the large on/off button to turn it off across that page (do the same in our website). Refresh the page and, hey presto!, you should now be able to login:




If you use Kaspersky, just update it to the latest version :-)



Does E-goi warn you about too many login attempts?

For security reasons, E-goi may temporarily block you from logging in if we notice too many unsuccessful attempts, as this can be someone trying to get into your account without permission!

But if you're sure you've got the right login credentials and you still get the "too many attempts" warning, your IP may have been blocked for some reason. Please, try again in a few hours.


Can you log in using a different computer outside your workplace?

If so, there may be something on your network or workstation preventing you from connecting to E-goi.

Ask your tech folks to run these quick tests to pinpoint and fix the issue on your end.


No permission to log in at this time of day or with this IP?

Your account's main user has probably enabled an E-goi security setting which limits the time of day and the IP you can use to log in.