Migrating from another platform to E-goi

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If you intend to switch from another marketing platform to E-goi, we've got plenty of resources to make your transition smooth and easy. 


Can I migrate from another platform to E-goi?

Yes. You can usually bring over at least your contacts and possibly your email campaigns.

If you’re migrating from Mailchimp, we can help you do it for free.


Before you begin


What can be carried over

While you can migrate contacts and, to some extent, email campaigns, other assets such as forms, sign-up pages or automations will need to be redone from scratch since each platform builds them their own way.

To migrate your contacts, be sure you've got full access to both your E-goi account and the platform you're migrating from, as well as contact export permissions on both platforms.




Migrating contacts

1) Log in to the platform you’re migrating from and export your contact lists. This will usually produce a CSV, TXT, or Excel file. If you have segments or tags and the platform allows it, export your contacts for each segment or tag separately.

Be sure to only export contacts in Active status (or the equivalent in that platform). Contacts in other statuses can affect your E-goi email deliverability.

2) Log in to your E-goi account and import your contacts from the CSV, TXT, or Excel file you exported. If you exported a file for each segment or tag, import each file into E-goi one at a time, tagging it on import.



Migrating email campaigns

If the full HTML source of your email campaigns in the other platform is available for grabbing, you can pull them over to E-goi.

1) Log in to the platform you’re migrating from and copy the HTML of the email campaign or template.

2) Log in to your E-goi account and create a new email campaign using our Advanced Editor. Save it as an individual campaign or as a template.

3) Repeat the above for other email campaigns or templates you want to carry over.



Frequently asked questions


Migrating from Mailchimp to E-goi

With our help

If you're moving from Mailchimp, we can help you do it for free. Just fill out the form below and we'll get in touch to sort it out.





Doing it yourself

1) Follow Mailchimp's contact export guide to get your contacts, segments and tags into a file. 

2) Follow our steps above to upload your segmented contacts into E-goi.

3) Follow Mailchimp's HTML export guide to grab the HTML source of your email campaign templates.

To grab the HTML of a Mailchimp campaign which isn't a template, duplicate and save the campaign as a template in Mailchimp. You can then export its HTML.

4) Follow our steps above to carry over your HTML into an E-goi email campaign or template.


Can I migrate automations, forms, sign-up pages and more from the other platform?

No. You'll need to recreate them from scratch as each platform does them their own way.

To help you redo them, check out E-goi's easy drag-and-drop sign-up form, landing page and automation editors!