Changing my account's security settings

E-goi comes complete with multiple ways to protect your account. Some are enabled by default, but you can modify all of them at any time:

1) Hit the upper-right corner menu and click Users.

2) You'll be taken to the users section. Click the gear-shaped icon  right next to Create user.

3) The security options will pop up. Keep in mind any changes here will be reflected across all users in your account:


  • Expire password. E-goi asks users to reset their password every 6 months, but you can make it earlier or later if necessary.
  • Inactivity timeout (TTL). If a user leaves E-goi idle for a bit (eg. having lunch), you can have them re-enter their password when coming back.
  • Password format. For added security, all passwords can be set to contain, say, numbers, uppercase letters and special chars.
  • Two-step verification (2FA). An extra security layer which requires users to type in a code in addition to their password when signing in. The code will be sent to their mobile number (or their email address as fallback).
  • Lock login. E-goi will automatically block login attempts from people entering wrong passwords in a row.
  • Time frame and IP addresses for login. This will come in handy if you need users to log in at certain times or from a specific IP range (eg. only IP addresses from your corporate network during office hours).