Creating an E-goi account

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Changing my account's security settings

E-goi provides various security options to protect your account, including password expiration, inactivity timeout, password format, two-step verification, login lock, and login time frame/IP addresses.

Migrating from another platform to E-goi

Switching from Mailchimp to E-goi? We offer two ways to do it: we can do it for you or you can follow our step-by-step guide to import your contact lists. Unfortunately, you can't directly import campaigns, but you can recreate them using our Advanced Editor or Email Builder. Forms and automations need to be created from scratch in E-goi.

E-goi tells me that my user's email is no longer accessible. Now what?

In E-goi, users need a valid email address to receive notifications and contact support. If the email is no longer accessible, users must update it to log in again.

My account was suspended! What can I do?

Having your account blocked can occur for several reasons, including a low sending reputation, suspicious list imports, exceeding plan limits, lack of payment, or abuse/illegal activity. To re-enable your account, you may need to authenticate your email sender, get rid of problematic contact lists, upgrade your plan or reduce the number of contacts, make outstanding payments, or contact support for further assistance.

Change the way E-goi notifies me about what my contacts are doing

E-goi allows you to customize notification emails for subscriber actions. Disable unwanted notifications and choose who receives them in your account settings.

How do I get support?

E-goi offers help through their Help button and tickets. Live tech support is available for paid accounts. Screenshots and email attachments are encouraged for tech issues. Remote access to the user's computer may be required in some cases.