Creating an E-goi account

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Changing my account's security settings

E-goi provides various security options to protect your account, including password expiration, inactivity timeout, password format, two-step verification, login lock, and login time frame/IP addresses.

What's E-goi's 1-on-1 strategy coaching and how does it work?

We offer 1-on-1 coaching to help your business succeed with E-goi. Our tailor-made service will assist you in setting goals and implementing a customized marketing strategy. Coaching is available for first-time E-goi Pro plan users.

Switching from Mailchimp to E-goi

Switching from Mailchimp to E-goi? We offer two ways to do it: we can do it for you or you can follow our step-by-step guide to import your contact lists. Unfortunately, you can't directly import campaigns, but you can recreate them using our Advanced Editor or Email Builder. Forms and automations need to be created from scratch in E-goi.

How does my E-goi trial work?

After creating your E-goi account, you have 30 days to trial it out. Upgrade to a paid account to gain access to all features.

What's the E-goi Community and where can I find it?

E-goi users can participate in the Community to share feature ideas and improvements. Top-voted suggestions will be given priority in development. Log in to your account and visit the Community section to have your say.

Which browsers should I use E-goi with? Can I use it on my smartphone as well?

Use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience with E-goi. You can also use E-goi on your smartphone or tablet, but some features may be limited. Check out the TinyGoi app for quick campaign management and report viewing on the go.

I can't sign up for an E-goi account using my email address. Why?

Not all email addresses are suitable for email marketing. Avoid using role accounts assigned to company departments for marketing purposes. Use your own registered email address or a personal freemail for your E-goi account.

E-goi tells me that my user's email is no longer accessible. Now what?

In E-goi, users need a valid email address to receive notifications and contact support. If the email is no longer accessible, users must update it to log in again.

My account was suspended! What can I do?

Having your account blocked can occur for several reasons, including a low sending reputation, suspicious list imports, exceeding plan limits, lack of payment, or abuse/illegal activity. To re-enable your account, you may need to authenticate your email sender, get rid of problematic contact lists, upgrade your plan or reduce the number of contacts, make outstanding payments, or contact support for further assistance.

I can't log into E-goi. Help!

E-goi requires a browser (Chrome or Firefox) and an internet connection. Mistyped login, clearing browser cache, using latest browser version, and allowing cookies are important. Adblockers and too many login attempts may cause login issues. Check with tech support if accessing from a different computer. Account security settings may restrict login time and IP address.

Change the way E-goi notifies me about what my contacts are doing

E-goi allows you to customize notification emails for subscriber actions. Disable unwanted notifications and choose who receives them in your account settings.

Deleting my E-goi account

If you no longer want to use E-goi, you can either wait for it to be automatically deleted or follow these steps to delete your account instantly.

Can my E-goi account be deleted from lack of use?

If your account is inactive for 90 days or if you have an expired trial or plan that you didn't renew, it will be deleted permanently. Be sure to export your lists before that happens. If you want to use E-goi again, create a new account.

How do I get support?

E-goi offers help through their Help button and tickets. Live tech support is available for paid accounts. Screenshots and email attachments are encouraged for tech issues. Remote access to the user's computer may be required in some cases.

Which payment methods does E-goi accept?

Accepted payment methods for our plans include credit card, PayPal, national credit cards (in Brazil), Boleto Bancário, Pix (in Brazil), Referência Multiban co (in Portugal), and Débito Directo (in Portugal). Bank transfer is available for corporate plans. Pay-as-you-go options exclude Débito Directo. Processing times vary for each method. IOF tax applies to non-domestic payments in Brazil.

E-goi seems slow or shaky. Is there anything in my Internet connection messing with it?

If you're having trouble logging into E-goi, viewing campaign images, or delivering emails, there may be an issue with your internal network settings. Your systems administrators can help troubleshoot.