Creating a newsletter from ground up with the Easygoi editor


Fancy creating your newsletter in a snap without worrying about HTML? E-goi has the pefect solution for you! An email editor designed to quickly create bullet-proof professional emails with superior deliverability!

That's what Easygoi is all about. It's so simple to use that you can even build your newsletter from ground up in less than ten minutes. Don't believe us? Let us show you how it's done:

1) Log into your E-goi account and click on the "Campaigns" menu. Then hit the "Create campaign" button (on the right of the page), select "E-mail" and choose the mailing list you'll be sending your email to.

2) In the template selection page, click on "From scratch".

3) After a few seconds, an options window will be shown. Type in a subject line for your email, select an email sender address and hit «Continue». The Easygoi editor will then come up (if it doesn't, click on the "Editor" button on the top of the page and choose "Easygoi").

Easygoi works by simply adding blocks with contents. So start by clicking on the large plus sign to add something (you can also just drag any of the items available on the left-hand "Add items" panel and drop it onto the editor).

In this example, we'll be setting up a wine shop newsletter. As we want the store logo to be displayed across the top of the newsletter, let's add an "Image" item to create a basic header.

4) When the image item is added, it'll be shown as an empty placeholder. Now just click on "Upload" on the left-hand panel and select the picture file in your computer that you want to upload to your newsletter (in our case, we'll be uploading our shop logo). After a few seconds (depending on the image size), E-goi's placeholder will be replaced by your picture.

5) And here we have our shop logo, which Easygoi automatically resized to best fit the layout. Cool! OK, now that we have a newsletter header, how about adding the store's weekly special offer underneath it? Let's do it!

This is as easy as it gets. You can either drag an image item from the left-hand "Add items" panel and drop it below the header created in the steps above or place your mouse pointer over that header and hit the "Add item" icon (the one with a plus sign, shown below).

As before, we'll now just upload our special offer pic into the newly-created image placeholder. Here's the finished result:

6) Looking good so far! We now have the news header and this week's special offer in place, but we'd like to showcase three extra wines. No problem, let's first add a 3-column item (one for each wine) by simply dragging a "3 columns" item from the left-hand panel and dropping it below the special offer pic (or by clicking that pic's plus sign). The result will look like this:

Then we'll just add a wine image into each placeholder column.

7) Super, now that we have each wine neatly arranged in the newsletter bottom, all that's missing is their label, price and weblink. Again this is ultra-simple to do! We'll just drag a "Title" item from the left-hand panel and put it below the first wine (as always, we can also click the wine's plus sign to add the "Title" item). Then we'll type in our desired text. You can format it, add links and the like. If you're familiar with Word or Frontpage, you'll be right at home. Now let's do the same for the remaining wines so we have a description, price and link for each.

And there we have it! Our very first wine shop newsletter, ready for testing and sending! All clocking in at just short than 10 minutes. Not bad! E-goi even automatically adds for you a nice-looking footer with handy social sharing links.

What if you now want to quickly change the settings for a specific item (background and font colour, padding, picture options, etc.)? Not to worry! Simply click on the item and modify your desired options on the left-hand panel (or hit the "Global colours and styles" button to change the settings for the whole newsletter).

Could it be any simpler to create your newsletter with Easygoi? Perhaps (we're always working on it :), but we'd wager that you won't find a much more user-friendly editor anywhere else! It's just a matter of adding and editing items. No need to fret about spacing, tables and image sizes. Easygoi handles it all for you, ensuring that your newsletter looks professional and renders properly in all major email clients.

In addition, as the HTML code generated by Easygoi abides by email marketing standards and best practices, your emails will benefit from higher deliverability, reducing the chances that spam filters incorrectly flag them as junk!