Does E-goi purge invalid emails when importing my contact list?

If those are just misspellings (eg. no "@" symbol) and duplicate addresses, yes, E-go will auto-purge them for you on importing your mailing list. This will help you get rid of some invalid emails (which would damage your sending reputation), but it may not be enough to remove all your undeliverables.


How can I ensure all my emails are valid?

Just go for our dedicated clean-up service. It'll come in handy if:

- your list is very old
- you've last mailed the list several months (or even years) ago
- not all contacts in your list have fully confirmed their subscription (ie. they're single opt-in only)
- you're moving your lists over from an email marketing provider which won't filter exported contacts (ie. it'll export the whole thing, including dead and invalid addresses)

Validating your list will usually scrub it clean of all bounces and some sketchy email addresses, such as role accounts and spamtraps, which would kill your deliverability. All removed addresses will be added to your suppression list to prevent them from ever being imported again.

Need us to do a thorough clean-up on your list?

1) Click the "Lists" menu to view all your lists in E-goi.

2) Hit the options button on the upper right corner of the page (right next to the "Create list" button) and select "Suppression list".

3) The suppression list will come up. Click "Validate all my contacts" and follow the instructions provided.