I'm not receiving emails sent by E-goi in my corporate address. Now what?

If you have a corporate email addresss (eg. me@mycompany.com), but no emails sent via E-goi (including delivery tests and deployed campaigns) reach your address or any other inside your office, it usually boils down to how your company has set up email routing.

This setting can automatically block any email sent to you on behalf of your company by an external service (such as E-goi).

Fixing it is pretty simple. Just ask the tech folk in charge of your internal emails to make the following change in your domain's DNS.

1) Edit the domain's MX records (using the WHM manager).

2) Make sure to set the email exchanger rules to "Automatically Detect Configuration" and save your settings.

Done! From then on, emails you send using E-goi will get through to any address in your company.


Still having trouble?

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