E-goi seems slow or shaky. Is there anything in my Internet connection messing with it?

If you've got trouble logging into E-goi, viewing your campaign images or delivering E-goi's emails to your own domain and none of our quick fixes help, yes, something might be wrong with your internal network settings :(

No worries though! Your systems administrators should be able to sort it out. There's a couple of ways they can look into this. Ask them to:

1) Run a ping/traceroute test and an MTR test. Those should be performed for both www.e-goi.com and www.e-goi.co.uk. If you can login into your account, make sure to run them for bo[serverID].e-goi.com as well (check your browser's URL bar after logging in to find out which [serverID] was assigned to your account).

2) Download iPerf (a small network diagnosis tool) and run it for iperf.e-goi.com .

These tests should be enough for your tech folks to figure whether something is amiss in your connection and how to fix it.


I've done all the above but navigating E-goi still feels slow!

Don't worry, just message us using the "Help" menu. We'll take a close look into your connection and should be able to sort things out for you.