Merging contact info in my message (eg. «Hi John!»)

Need to address your contacts by their first name when mailing them (eg. "Hi John" instead of just "Hi")?

Our merge codes will make your day! And it doesn't stop with first names either, as you can mail-merge any other field in your contact list (birthday, postal address, purchase history, etc.).

Just do the following:

1) Edit your message in E-goi (eg. an email). Let's merge your contacts' first name for a personalised greeting ("Hi John!", "Hi Sandy"). So go ahead and type in "Hi" in your message.

2) Now click the merge codes button in the formatting row (assuming you're using our Email Builder).

3) A window with E-goi's merge codes will come up. Simply choose the code matching what you want to merge. In our example, click "Contact", head over to "first name" and hit "Copy".

Now put your mouse cursor next to "Hi" and paste the code you've copied (the result should be something like "Hi !fname"). Done! If your contact list includes first names, E-goi will automatically replace "!fname" by the first name of each contact when sending out your email! For contacts with no first name, the !fname code will just do nothing.

Quite simple really! You can place merge codes anywhere in your message (including HTML). Also take a look at our advanced merge codes for some pretty cool stuff :)