What do my contact import results mean?

Whenever you import contacts into your E-goi lists, we'll email you the results. They break down like this:

- Imported: the number of new contacts actually added to the list.

- Updated: the number of contacts which aren't new, but whose profile was changed with new information from your file. This can happen if you tick the "I'm updating my database" option when doing your import.

- Ignored: contacts which E-goi skipped and didn't import. This usually happens for duplicate entries or if they aren't contacts at all (eg. an empty line in your Excel/CSV file) or if the contact's "email" field (if you're importing emails) or "mobile/phone" field (if you're importing phone numbers) is empty.

- Invalid: contacts which E-goi found not to be valid. This includes mistyped email addresses (missing "@" or ".com") and badly formatted telephone numbers. Keep in mind this is just a formatting check and won't verify whether your valid emails are bouncing. If you'd like to deep check all your email addresses, have a gander at our separate clean-up service.


My contacts are valid but they were all marked as "ignored"! Why?

Are you uploading email addresses? While importing your file, you probably didn't map your "email" column to E-goi's "email" field. Similarly, if you're importing mobile/phone numbers, be sure to map their column in your file to E-goi's "mobile" or "phone" fields accordingly.