Change the way E-goi notifies me about what my contacts are doing

By default, E-goi will send you a notification email whenever someone subscribes to your mailing list or a contact does something important (opts out, recommends your mailings, etc.).

If you'd like to disable these notifications or choose to have someone else receiving them, simply:

1) Go to the "Contacts" menu, head to the list whose settings you want to modify and hit "Options".

2) On the options page, go to the "Notifications" section, disable the actions you don't want E-goi to tell you about and save your changes. You can also select which E-goi users will be notified (if you'd like to notify a different email address, just add it as an E-goi user).

Done! In case you wish to do the same to another mailing list, it's a simple matter of following the steps above.