Changing my E-goi account's login

Your E-goi login is usually the email address you used when creating the account. If you'd like to change it to, say, your business email, there's no need to create a new E-goi account from ground up! How to do it:

1) Log into your E-goi account, click your user menu (upper right corner) and hit "Users".

2) A window will pop up displaying your user. Simply edit it (hover the mouse button over its picture and click the pencil icon), replace the email address in "Login" with the one you'd like to use and save your changes. Once you do this, click the upper right corner menu and choose "Log out" to close your session.

Done! Check that email's inbox for a confirmation message from E-goi. After you've clicked the message's activation link, you can then log in using the new email address!