Changing my password

Quite simple really:

1) Head over to your user menu (upper right corner) and select "Users".

2) You'll be taken to the users page. Go to the user whose password you want to modify and click its lock-shaped "Change password" icon.

3) Enter the current password. Then type in the new password, retype it to confirm it and save your changes (if the user's security settings requires their password to be in a specific format, such as having a minimum length, you'll need to enter the new password in that format).

Done! The user will now be able to login into E-goi with the new password.


Resetting your own password

Oops, did you forget your password and can't login anymore? No worries, you can quickly reset it.

1) Go to the E-goi login page and click "Forgot your password?".

2) Follow the instructions so we can email you a new password. Once you're able to login with it, just follow the steps at the top of this how-to to change it into something you can easily remember.