Adding an RSS feed to my social posts

Got an RSS feed for your website or blog? You can have E-goi plug it automatically in your social posts and deliver it straight to your followers' social media feeds on a schedule!

This is perfect to share your latest blog postings or send hot-off-the-press posts. Every article is pulled by E-goi from an RSS feed. It's all done for you :)


How to do it in E-goi?

1) Head over the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over Social Post, and hit Create.

2) Then click RSS and Next.

3) Create your RSS-based social post:
- Choose the post title: This is an internal title, just for your own reference.
- Type your RSS feed address: You can also just type the site the RSS feed is hosted at. Either way, remember to start with "https://".
- Choose the social network to share it: Select either one or all of them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business). If you don't have your business page or profile integrated with your E-goi account, you can do it either in this step or through the integrations page.
- Edit the content of your post: The post automatically includes the RSS code to pull the content of your feed, but you can custom the post by using our RSS language or adding hashtags, for example.
Once it's finished, click Next.

4) Define the publish options:
Every time the RSS has a new post or Periodically (how often, which day and time).
Then click Next.

5) Confirm your post and hit Activate.

Done! :)



Can I customise the RSS content on my post?

For sure! Use our RSS language to personalise it :)



How can I edit the RSS-based social post that I've just created?

You can find them all in the Campaign Automations area.

1) Head over the Campaigns menu and click Automation.

2) Select RSS, among the left-handed options.

3) Go to the search bar and apply a filter by channel, choosing Social Post.

4) Then find the campaign and edit it as you like :)