Sending transactional messages with E-goi

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E-goi's transactional messages allow your developers to connect your shop's mailing system to our servers for lightning-fast transactional sends.



What are transactional messages?

If you're interested in leveraging E-goi's deliverability across your own ecommerce messages, we make it a breeze.

E-goi's transactional messages allow your developers to connect your shop's mailing system (eg. PHPMailer) to our servers and send lightning-fast one-on-one order confirmations, password resets or "Your item will be delivered today" SMS notifications - all with no burden on your infrastructure.



Before you begin



In order to use this functionality, it is essential that you already have an E-goi account and have set up at least one sender. In addition, you should have access to the administration area of your website or online store, as some technical configurations will be required.

Connecting and using our transactional message system requires programming skills and careful consultation of our Transactional documentation.





Enabling transactional messages

1) Hit the "Reports" menu and click "Transactional messages".

2) Click the "Activate" button.



Integrating transactional messages with your site

1) Once transactional messages are enabled and ready to go, ask your site's developers to take a look at E-goi's Transactional documentation so they can connect to our SMTP or API and start doing sends.



CNAME configuration (optional)

A CNAME record is key to increase your email deliverability.

1) Head over to your "User menu" (top right corner), then click "Domains and CNAME".

2) Hit the "Domains and CNAME" tab (on the left-sided bar menu). Scroll down until you find "Transactional CNAME" and then click "Add". Enter the CNAME you'd like to use (eg., click "Add CNAME" and set it up using the info we provide.



Creating a transactional email or SMS template

Create an email or SMS campaign template. Any templates you create can be passed as messgae variables when you connect to the Transactional API.



Frequently asked questions


Is setup done entirely on my end?

Yes. Given that E-goi's transactional sends simply act as your message's turbocharged engine, everything can be built to your liking. Just be sure to add the senders you'll be using for your messages and let your developers handle the rest (content, attachments, when and whom to send to, etc.). Our docs should get them sorted out in no time.


How much does each transactional message cost?

Check out our per-message pricing (see "Transactional email/SMS"). Transactional is usually pay-as-you-go.


Do my transactional sends have reports?

Yes. Find them under "Transactional messages" in your E-goi account's "Reports" menu.


How do I ask for help if I don't know how to configure the CNAME?

Don't worry, we can set it up for you. Just message us using the Help widget in your E-goi account and we'll take it from there.