My post wasn't published on the social network I chose! Why?

When sending out a social campaign using E-goi, it'll be actually be posted by the social network you've selected (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). If something wrong happens with it (eg. Facebook is down), E-goi will tell you your post couldn't be published.

If so, try to:

  • Send the campaign again. Social network downtime usually lasts a couple minutes.
  • Reconnect your E-goi account to the social network you'll be posting to. Even though the connection seems on, something may have happened to the network which requires reconnecting.
  • Avoid sending the same or similar posts in a row. Social networks have rules in place to prevent duped or sketchy (ie, virtually identical) posts. You may also be blocked if sending out too many posts in a very short timeframe.
  • Be sure there's no abusive content. Each network has their own rules on this. Check that your post abides by the community standards of all social networks and doesn't breach any copyright. Oh, and make sure your social account wasn't suspended for inappropriate behaviour!


If you still can't publish due to an unknown error from a social network, drop us a line using E-goi's Help menu so we can look into it.