Can my automation funnel contacts just once?

To prevent contacts from re-entering an automation, you can disable the option to funnel contacts more than once in the automation settings. Alternatively, you can untick the option for specific triggers within the automation. The global setting for the automation takes precedence over individual trigger settings.

Sending an automatic birthday message to my contacts

Send special birthday offers to your contacts using E-goi! Import contacts with a valid birthday date and automate the sending with the Birthday Automated Workflow. Find your automated birthday campaign in the Campaign Automations area.

Manually triggering automations for individual contacts

You can set up an automation to trigger whenever your contacts take specific actions. You can also manually enable the automation for imported contacts.

Sharing and importing campaigns, landing pages and automations

Learn how to export and import campaigns, landing pages, and automations in E-goi. This will include importing automation campaigns if they are email campaigns.

A/B-testing anything in my automation

Learn how to use A/B testing in E-goi to optimize your email series or sales funnel. Split test different paths and find out which one is more effective in achieving your goal. E-goi makes it easy to set up and analyze the results.

Which triggers and actions can I use for my automations?

You can create a marketing automation strategy in E-goi to automate anything you want, from a simple autoresponder to complex sales pipelines. E-goi's automation workflows are activated by triggers, and you can choose from a variety of triggers such as subscription, campaign open, clickthrough, conversion, and more. You can also add actions to your automation, such as sending campaigns, adding tags, changing contact information, and more. E-goi also offers ready-made templates to help you get st...

Creating an automation

Automations are a powerful tool to engage and nurture customers or subscribers. From simple autoresponders to complete sales pipelines, you can customize and improve your automation results by planning, personalizing, testing, fitting to your business, and ensuring timely messaging.