Can I attach files or images to my emails?

No, E-goi doesn't allow you to attach files to your email.

There is a simple reason for this: emailing attachments or embedded pictures goes against email marketing standards and best practices. Here's why:

- bigger-sized emails (such as those with attachments) take much longer to send and receive
- major ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) tend to block large bulk-sent emails
- bulk emails with attached files and embedded pics usually trigger spam filters
- attachments make it a pain to gather reporting stats

We've seen people arguing that at least embedded images will always show up inside the email with no need for recipients to "enable/display images". Sorry to burst your bubble, but for safety reasons major webmail services (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) prevent those pics from being downloaded as well.

Always keep in mind that you'll get your images automatically displayed in most email clients if your contacts add you to their trusted senders list or choose to always display images from you. So it's a good idea to ask them (nicely :) to do that (which they usually will if your contents is relevant and engaging).

If you also want to send them a file (eg. PDF, Powerpoint, etc.), you can simply upload the file into a folder in your site, in a temporary hosting service or into your E-goi account and add a click-here-to-download link pointing to the file when creating your email in E-goi.

This is much more effective than emailing an attachment, as only those contacts actually interested in your file will download it, with the added bonus of E-goi also telling you who clicked through to download the file!