Using the GoiMeUp app to collect sign-ups straight from your tablet

GoiMeUp is an tiny mobile app allowing you to easily subscribe people on the go! And yes, it's free :)

It'll sync up with your E-goi account and display one of your subscription forms, which you can then use to add contacts to your list (instead of akwardly scribbling down their details on a piece of paper and keying them in later).

The coolest thing? You can keep adding contacts even without an Internet connection! GoiMeUp will store them and “beam them up” to E-goi when a connection becomes available. If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, restaurant or attend a trade show, you’ll just love this app!

How does it work?

1) Add a “GoiMeUp” deployment to the form you want to use in the app (you only need to do this once).

2) Download the app to your mobile device (Android and iOS versions available), fire it up, enter your account login, select the list you'll be adding contacts to, pick the sign-up form and you’re set! It’ll come up on your mobile screen, ready for use.

Then just go and meet your store patrons or trade show prospects. Use your tablet or smartphone to submit the details of anyone wishing to sign up. Easy-peasy!


Can I change how my form looks in the app?

Yes. When choosing your form in GoiMeUp, the app will give you the option to add a logo and a background pic to it.