Becoming an E-goi affiliate. How do I make money off it?

Becoming an E-goi affiliate is quick, easy and free! You'll be up and running in no time:

1) Sign up for an E-goi account. If you already got an account, skip this step.

2) Log into your account, click your user menu (upper right corner) and select "Affiliates".

3) Read our programme's terms and hit "Become an affiliate".

If you created your account just now, E-goi will ask you to provide a couple extra details so we're able to pay your commissions.

And that's all there is to it! Congrats, you've just become an E-goi affiliate! :)

E-goi should now automatically take you to the affiliate section in your account.

The first thing you should do is note down your E-goi affiliate URL! You'll find it in the upper right corner, under "My info". This is a uniquely generated URL which you must use whenever referring people to our site. It's essential for us to track your referrals and process your commissions, so don't forget to use it whenever you refer someone to E-goi! If you'd like to point someone to a specific webpage of the E-goi site, follow this how-to.

Now that you've got your unique affiliate URL, it's time to tell other marketers and businesses about how E-goi can help them boost sales and profits! To get you started, a number of marketing materials are available in your affiliate "Resources" section, which we regularly update with new stuff.

As you promote E-goi using your affiliate-tagged links to bring people to our site, you can monitor your efforts in your affiliate section. Simply click "Commissions" to view your stats (clickthroughs, banner views, account sign-ups) and, most importantly, your earnings from generated sales.

This is where you'll also see how much money you've made so far.

When you've got a nice chunk of money in your account and want to withdraw it, just hit "Claim now" and follow the steps provided.

That's basically it! All you need to do now is spread the word about E-goi's benefits and start making money by referring the platform to others!


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