What does each of my form options do?

Every form you create in E-goi has a set of options. To view them, simply click the "Web" menu, choose "Forms", hit the settings button next to the form and select "Options".

Title: Doubles as both the name of the form in E-goi and the browser window title when you share the form with a link.

Language: Is your contact list multi-language (eg. English and Spanish subscribers)? You can switch the form's automatic texts (double opt-in, error messages, etc.) to one of those languages by just choosing it here. New form subscribers will then also be assigned that language.

Confirm sign-ups (double opt-in): This one is key! By default the form will send a confirmation email to everyone submitting it, which requires people to click the email's confirmation link to actually subscribe (their status in E-goi will remain "unconfirmed" until they do so). This is essential to prevent bogus or outdated email addresses from getting into your list, which would damage your sending reputation. You can disable it if you understand the risks and know what you're doing though.

Allow active contacts to re-subscribe: What happens when someone already in your E-goi list happily receiving your mailings tries to subscribe again? The form will usually let them do it (as long as they reconfirm their email address), but you can also have them re-subscribe right there and then with no confirmation necessary (which comes in handy if, say, you're using the form to get some extra info from your current subscribers in exchange for a gift). Blocking re-subscriptions altogether is also a possibility. Keep in mind that, regardless of your choice, anyone who opted out from the list can always use the form to re-subscribe (they'll just need to confirm their email).

Check for email address misspellings: An auto-suggestion will pop up for obviously misspelt emails (eg. "gmali" instead of "gmail").

Tag sign-ups: Everyone submitting the form will be tagged with whatever you want. Perfect to segment and target your subscribers!

Limit subscriptions: If you intend to use the form for sweepstakes or time-limited offers, you can automatically ward off multiple submissions from the same IP or make the form available to your current contacts only. You're also able to set its time limit or cap sign-ups to a specific number.

Double opt-in email: Select the confirmation email sender and customise it at will if needed. You can also change what the form will tell subscribers when they opt in. Would you rather go all out and replace E-goi's "confirm your email" and "done, you're now subscribed" pages? Just plug your own page links in the "Submission successful (URL)" and "Subscription successful (URL)" options.

External code: An easy way for you to paste custom code into the form (eg. a Google Analytics tracking code).