New E-goi Pricing for 2023

In January 19th, 2023, the new price list for E-goi plans will come into effect.

See the table below:




The value adjustments will follow the rise in inflation since our last price update, 3 years ago, and will contribute to the platform's high performance and constant innovation.

Data from Visa reveals that online sales around the world are expected to grow by approximately 16% next year. In the current context, a survey by Gartner points out that 67% of brands seek to reduce time to conquer more markets, and 63% aim to automate processes.

Therefore, in a context of high competitiveness, having a robust strategy in the digital environment and having a platform of excellence is essential to achieve the desired results, saving time and resources.


I already have an active paid plan; do I have to pay the difference?

No, the new prices only take effect upon renewal of your plan.

If you've got a GoSend plan (top-ups), you don't need to do anything. The prices per message won't be changed.


Can I change to a longer frequency to keep my current price?

Yes, that's possible! Contact us via this form or using the help widget in your account, and we'll help you through the process.


Is there any discount on the new price list? What are the benefits of hiring a plan or renewing my current plan before the price change?

Semi-annual, annual and bi-annual payments have a 5%, 15% and 25% discount respectively. If you renew your plan before the change you can save up to 45% of the monthly fee. For more information, contact us.


Do you have questions about the impact of these updates in your plan?

Please contact our support team for any clarifications.