Creating a survey

In addition to all kinds of sign-up forms, you can also use E-goi to create surveys and questionnaires.

1) It works just like creating a form, except that you can now add fields of the type "Option/answer grid" and "Option/answer list" - customise them using the left-hand panel! Upon adding those, E-goi will ask you which fields in your contact list you want to match them to. Doing this will later allow you to view each contact's answers on their own profile in E-goi and segment your list off them.

2) When your survey is all set, you can publish it (same process as with a form) and put it out there for people to fill in, either by sharing its link, adding it to your site or emailing it to your contacts.


Where do I see my survey results?

1) Just go to the "Collect" menu, hover the mouse cursor over "Forms", and click "View all".

2) A page listing all your forms and surveys will come up. Hit "Results" right next to your survey.

3) On the results page, check the "Answers" tab for the most popular answers. You can also click the "Export" button (upper right corner) to grab all of them as an Excel file.



How can I make my survey responses anonymous?

1) Create a form and delete its "Email" or "Mobile/phone" fields (in case those have been included in your form).

2) Now add your question/answer fields (of the type "Option/answer grid" and "Option/answer list"), but be sure all of them have the "Match this field with" option set to "nothing".

3) Bam, you now have an anonymous  survey :-) Feel free to publish it (again, same process as with a form) and share its link or embed it in your website. People taking the survey won't need to fill in their personal info before hitting "Submit". E-goi will store their answers for you without matching them to anyone.


Got any survey templates I can use?

You bet! While creating the form, choose from one of our templates under the "Survey" category.