Sharing and importing automation workflows

Piece of cake! Simply:

1) Go to the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Automation" and hit "View all".

2) Click the options button of the automation you want to export, choose "Share" and copy the link we provide.

3) Log out from your account and sign into the E-goi account you want to import the Autobot to (if you'd rather keep logged in, just open a private browsing window and use it to log into the other account).
4) Go to the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Automation" and hit "Create"

5) Pick a mailing list, choose "Import from link" and paste the sharing link, then click "Next".

Done! The imported automation will be now ready for editing :)

I have no E-goi account and I've just been given the automation's link. What should I do with it?

Simply create an E-goi account (it's quick, easy and free) and then follow step 4 above.


Will this import the automation's campaigns and segments as well?

No, it'll only import the automation's workflow (ie, its triggers and actions). Keep in mind that campaigns and manual segments use data from the original account's contact list, so they can't be carried over.

But everything else will be imported, making it a breeze for you to share your awesome sales funnel workflows with other E-goi users :)

If you're an affiliate or sales partner, this is also an handy way to easily create automation templates for your leads to try E-goi out.