What's E-goi's 1-on-1 strategy coaching and how does it work?

We want your business to succeed at being awesome! E-goi is our gift to help you get there. But we can go one step further. We can coach you on which marketing strategy works for your specific business and how to snap it into action. That's essentially what our 1-on-1 coaching is all about :)

How does it work?

E-goi's 1-on-1 strategy coaching is a tailor-made, no-strings-attached service we offer to anyone signing up for an E-goi Pro plan for the first time.
Our goal is simple: helping you reach your business goals using E-goi!
We'll be on-hand to assist you in:

  • Understanding your number 1 challenge
  • Setting your goals
  • Plan how to exceed them.
  • Implement your plan into an actionable, optimised process
  • Gauge the results and leave you all set to keep doing better and better using E-goi


How long will you be coaching me for?

About 8 weeks.
It can be a bit longer or shorter depending on your business specifics though. Have a look at the roadmap below:


What happens at each stage?

Let's break it down:

1- Diagnostic (first 1-on-1 call): We'll have a chat about how you're currently doing digital marketing and pinpoint any changes that will turbocharge and grow your business.

2- E-goi training: You'll take our free online course so you can get the E-goi basics.

3- Initial set-up: We'll help you make your account send-ready.

4- Tailor-made strategy plan (second 1-on-1 call): We'll outline your roadmap and how to put into action using E-goi (automations, sign-up forms, newsletter design, etc).

5- Implementation: We'll take it from there and turn your strategy plan into full-blown resources custom made for you in E-goi, ready to use. In this stage you simply sit back and relax :)

6- Follow-up (third 1-on-1 call): We'll showcase the resources we've built for you in E-goi, guide you through on how to use them and agree on which success metrics to gauge.

7- Results (fourth 1-on-1 call): This is where we'll discuss (and celebrate - hooray!) the results you achieved :)


I don't have an E-goi Pro plan. Can I still sign up for coaching?

1-on-1 coaching is only available for first-time E-goi Pro plans.
BUT! You can upgrade to a Pro plan at any time, which will not only grant you coaching but also all the benefits of a Pro plan!

If you go for a Pro plan (you'll love it), be sure to sign up for at least 3 months. This is how long it usually takes to reap the full benefits from our coaching and watch your business soar!