I can't choose the Easygoi editor. Why?

Our Easygoi editor makes it a breeze for you to design great-looking emails and newsletters.

One of the really cool things about it is that the HTML code for all Easygoi-generated emails has been especially designed and tested for anti-spam compliance and proper display across major email clients. However, this means that if you'd like to edit the email's actual HTML or use your custom source, you'll have to do it without Easygoi, as we can't ensure your HTML would be compatible with our own.

Hence, Easygoi won't be available if you:

- Import your own newsletter as a ZIP file
- Import your newsletter off a webpage
- Create an email campaign from ground up using the Advanced editor or the HTML editor
- Create your email campaign using Easygoi and then switch to the Advanced or HTML editor

Don't worry though! Both the Advanced and HTML editors allow you to modify the source to your heart's content. If you go for it, be sure to have a gander at these HTML coding tips from Email Monks  :)