Emailing a form to your contacts

Forms are superb to generate fully opt-in leads or run online surveys, but you can't embed them in an email message, as their HTML code just isn't email-compliant.

Don't fret though! You can go for pretty much the same effect by simply adding a link to the form in your email. E-goi makes this a breeze:

1) Create the form or survey you want to send to your list. When deploying it, choose "Share it to others" and copy the link we provide.

2) Create the email that your contacts will receive and include a nice-looking "Sign up now" call-to-action (as plain text or as a can't-miss-it button). Make sure that call-to-action links to the form address you've copied in the previous step.

Great, you're good to go! For even better results, you can add a picture of the form itself to the email (snipe it using a screenshot tool and upload it into E-goi). Then add the form's link to that pic.

This will make it easy for people to fill in your form by just clicking the form's picture in your email :)

If you've already got an engaged subscriber or client list, this is perfect to get them to sign up for an event, take a quick survey or update their subscription preferences!

However, don't try to follow the above to mail a subscription form to a list whose contacts haven't consented to receive anything from you - this will kill your deliverability! There are multiple ways to grow an opt-in list. Have a gander at these cool tips from Forbes.