Which triggers and actions can I use for my automations?

A whole bunch of them :)

Autobots are E-goi's mighty automation workflows! You can use them to automate everything, from a no-frills autoresponder to complex sales pipelines.

Autobots are activated by triggers, going through actions and making things happen.

For example, you can start an Autobot with the "Subscription" Trigger, then you may want the subscribed person to receive a welcome email, using for that case the Action "Send campaign".

Pretty simple! Isn't it?



Which triggers are available?



If your customers interact with a a trigger, they will automatically enter in an automation workflow.

In E-goi, you can find these ones:


 Subscription: A popular choice for follow-up series! It'll kick your Autobot off every time a contact subscribes to the list, either by clicking the confirmation email (for double opt-in forms) or by submitting your sign-up form (for single opt-in forms). Any contacts you add manually or via our API to the same list will also enable this trigger.

 Subscription edit: Kickstarts your Autobot whenever someone in your list updates their subscription (by clicking the "Edit subscription" link which E-goi adds to your emails and then saving their profile). Perfect for progressive profiling!

 Campaign open: The workflow is activated after opening a specific campaign. How about auto-tagging your email openers or rewarding them with a special offer? This trigger makes it a doddle!

 Campaign click: Same thing as "Campaign open" but for clickthroughs instead. You can choose the specific link which will act as a trigger.

 Campaign referral: Sets off your Autobot for any contact who uses E-goi's send-to-a-friend link to share your email.

 Conversion: If one of those friends then signs up for your list (ie, becomes a conversion), this trigger allows you to reward the original influencer or do anything else you fancy. Great for member-get-member campaigns!

 Unsubscription: Did someone just opt out (oh dear)? You can make this set your Autobot in motion (eg. tagging the unsubscriber or notifying your sales reps).

 Date: Perfect to send a birthday gift to your customers! In addition to their birthday or list sign-up date, you can trigger the Autobot using any other date field in your list (eg. medical appointment, upcoming event, etc.).

 Condition: If you'd like for something to happen whenever a specific segment in your list has contacts, this trigger will do it for you daily, weekly or monthly. Any action it triggers will apply to all contacts in that segment.

 Track & Engage: Got an online store? Track & Engage automates shopping cart recovery and win-back campaigns! Just use this trigger and choose which goal (eg. item added to cart) will enable your Autobot.

 Reply: If you've enabled the "Store replies" option in your email campaign, you can make something happen whenever someone answers your email.


Can I have my trigger activated by what contacts do in a segment instead of the whole list?

Yep! Simply edit your trigger (click the pencil icon over it) and choose the segment the trigger will apply to.


Got my trigger all set! Which actions can I add to it?



Now you just need to define the next actions and let the autobot working for you!

After the first interaction's customer, you may want:


 Send campaign: If you're setting an auto-responder, this is what your Autobot will actually dole out. You can create your campaign straight from the Autobot itself or pick a previously created campaign which hasn't been deployed yet.

 Wait: Also essential for any timed follow-up sequence. Use this to set delays (minutes, hours, days, etc.) between campaigns or any other action. You can additionally stand by for a specific day of the week. Keep in mind that actions with no "Wait" between them will run simultaneously!

 Condition: This one is a doozy! Conditions split your sequence into two series of actions; one for contacts matching a segment (it'll be marked as "YES") and another for contacts who don't match it (marked as "NO"). This allows you to do some nifty segment-fu easily, such as emailing a voucher to whoever clicked through the previous email in the sequence and tagging anyone who didn't as "cold lead". Conditions are always based on segments, so all you need to do is select the segment that the condition will apply to. We've added a couple automatic segments (eg. "everyone who clicked the last email in the sequence") to get you started, but you can use any segment or tag you create yourself.

 Add tag: An easy way to tag contacts anywhere in your sequence (eg. "vip customer", "cold lead", "remember to call").

 Remove tag: See above.

 Edit contact: Use this to change anything in a contact's profile, including any extra fields you've added. If one of those fields is of type "number", you can increase or decrease that number by the amount you set. Great for prospect scoring!

 Subscribe: Adds the contact to a different list. If you work with multiple lists, this action has you covered.

 Unsubscribe/disable: Quite handy to automate your list clean-up. You can choose to render unengaged subscribers inactive instead of removing them altogether (which would have you losing them for good!).

 Add to suppression: Got anything in your funnel requiring the contact not to be mailed ever again (not even be imported to another list)? Just use this action.

 Jump to: Jumps to an action of your choice in a different Autobot you previously created in the same contact list. For those of you building highly complex nurturing pipelines, you'll love this to bits!

 End another Autobot: Also useful if you're using multiple Autobots. Any contact landing here will stop being affected by another Autobot. That Autobot can even be from a different list.

 Webhook: Sends the contact's information over to an external URL, so you can parse it. An easy way to quickly integrate E-goi with your CRM or online shop in case none of our integrations suit you.

 Notify: Self-explaining really. Use this to email or text a brief notification to any user in your E-goi account.

 A/B test: Allows you to split-test anything in your funnel to find out what works best.


Do you have any workflows I can start off from?

Sure do! When creating your Autobot, simply choose from one of our ready-made templates :)