New E-goi's Menu. What have changed?

All you do in your E-goi account starts from the top-menu: managing contact lists, forms, campaigns, automations, reports and configurations.

That will still be the main access, but you'll notice a navigation improvement (more friendly and flawless). It'll only take a few minutes until you feel at ease again.

Check the main differences in the video below :) 



In short, this is what you'll see!

You'll find a menu reorganisation as follows:

  • Contacts:
    All the tools you need to manage your contact lists will be here.
    Formerly you found this option through the Lists menu.
    To have an overview of all of your lists, for example, you'll have to follow Contacts > View all.
  • Collect:
    Ready to get more people to your lists? You will find here the options to do it, such as Landing Pages and WebPush Invites, for example.
    Previously you could create them from Web and Apps menus, respectively.
  • Engage:
    All your campaigns, split-tests (A/B tests) and automations will be created from here.
    Before this change, these options were available from Campaigns.
    To view all your created campaigns, for example, you'll have to follow Engage > Campaigns.
  • Reports:
    Not a lot to say here, right?
    You'll find even more reports in just one place: to analise campaign results, transactional sendings, visits and sales on your web.
  • My resources:
    A brand-new space with the resources that you need to bring life to your communications :)
    From campaign templates to product and images catalogs, and also the Track & Engage goals.
  • User menu (top-right side):
    Same section and options, but with a twist.
    From here, you'll be able to manage all your set-ups: account, plans, billing, senders, integrations and more :)


That's a wrap!
You'll feel adapted quite easily, but if you have any questions, just give us a shout ;)