Adding a sender

A sender is the answer to the perennial question "Who sent me this?" :)

Say you use E-goi to send an email to a list of people; they'll look at the email's "From:" field to know where it came from. That's known as the "sender".

E-goi allows you to create both email senders and mobile/phone senders (for SMS and voice broadcasts - keep in mind that not all network operators accept and display custom senders though).

Adding a sender in E-goi is quite easy. Just follow ths steps below:

1) Head to your user menu (upper right corner) and select "Senders".

2) The sender listing will come up. Hit the "Add sender" button, select a channel (email, SMS, etc.) and enter the sender you want to use in E-goi.

3) The sender will be added to the listing, but keep in mind we need to confirm it before you can use it! This simply involves ensuring the sender exists and is valid:

- If your sender is an email address (eg., E-goi will email a confirmation message to that address. The message contains a link that you just need to click on to confirm the sender.

- If your sender is a mobile number, E-goi will text a confirmation code to it. When you receive it, just go back to E-goi, type it in under "Confirmation code" and hit "Confirm".

- E-goi also allows you to use a brand name or phone number as a sender. In both cases, you'll need to provide us with a scanned legal document which we can use to confirm that the brand name or phone number belongs to your company (or that you have permission to use it).

And that's a wrap! Once your sender is confirmed, it'll become available for you to use when creating your E-goi campaign.