Creating a widget template

Do you use the Email Builder editor to send your email campaigns? Then you should know that it's possible to create widget templates!
Creating your own widget templates will help you to manage your content in E-goi, it will save you lots of time and... it's very very simple task :)


How do I save my template?

Easy :)
Go to the Email Builder and once you have your content block created, just follow these steps:
1- Mouse over the widget options button .
2- Then click the save icon that you'll find on the top right of that bar.
3- Choose it's name and confirm.
4- And it's done! :)


How can I use my template?

1- Find your widget template on the left bar. Drag and drop it in the email body.
And that's all you need to do to use either your own templates or the E-goi templates :)