What's the difference between affiliate, partner and agency?

Check them out:


Someone who loves E-goi and often recommends it in forums, online courses, ebooks, blog posts or social media adverts.

Usually a blogger, webmaster or a digital marketing, SEO or social media expert who enjoys using E-goi and often mentions it online and offline.

Affiliates earn recurring commissions on each sale they refer. They are free to use our materials (banners, ebooks, landing pages, videos and more) to help them get the word out about E-goi. Anyone using E-goi can become an affiliate.


Sales partner

Someone (single person or business) who loves E-goi and would like to sell it to their own customers.

Usually a web agency, tech adviser or freelancing specialist (web designer, developer, etc.) with their own client list. They'll often recommend E-goi while meeting up with customers.

Partners earn commissions on each sale and get sales materials to demo and refer E-goi in their meetings. Anyone using E-goi can become a sales partner.



An agency intending to use E-goi to design, send out and manage their customers' campaigns. Their sends, reports and forms will be white-label, with no E-goi branding in sight.

This allows the agency to use a single E-goi account for all their clients' contact lists - simply use a different list for each client. In case a client requires limited access, the agency can easily set user permissions.

Any agency can benefit from the above.


Can I be a partner and agency simultaneously? Or, say, affiliate and partner?

Yes :)