Adding Facebook's remarketing pixel to an E-goi form

If you'd like to target your Facebook ads to people who visit your site, the Facebook pixel is the way to go.

It requires an HTML code snippet to be placed in the source-code of every page in your site. To also add it to an E-goi form or landing page, just do the following:


Adding the code to an E-goi form deployed using the "advanced HTML" option

If you embedded the E-goi form in your site by copying the form's raw HTML and pasting it onto your webpage's own source-code, simply edit that webpage and paste in the code snippet from Custom Audiences as well. Done!


Adding the code to an E-goi form deployed using the "HTML" option

If you have to log into your E-goi account anytime you need to change the form's contents, follow these steps:

1) Log into E-goi and go to the "Options" of the form you want to place the Facebook pixel code in.

2) Scroll down until you find the "External code" section. Then activate the "Insert your own code" option.


3) Paste in the code snippet from Facebook pixel and save your changes to the form.

That's all there is to it! From then on, your E-goi form will include Facebook's remarketing pixel. Use the Facebook Pixel Helper tool to make sure the code is active and ready to track your visitors.