Adding a video to an email

OK, let's get something out of the way first: yes, it's possible to have a video playing inside your email, but no, our video email feature doesn't allow you to do that! :)

Why? Because currently only a few email clients are able to play embedded videos (Apple Mail, iPhone, Hotmail and not much else), and even those require the video to be in specific formats. That's too many hurdles to overcome for something which would only work in a handful of cases.

So we've decided to go for a less impressive yet much simpler solution, with the added bonus of being compatible with any email client you can throw at it. Want to see how it works? Just follow the steps below:

1) Create an email campaign with our Easygoi editor (either from ground up or based on one of our templates) or edit a campaign you've already designed in Easygoi. Add an item (you can add it from scratch or put the mouse pointer over an existing item in the email and click on the plus sign button) and select the "video" item.

2) Now just enter the web address (URL) of the video you want to add. We support Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and several other video hosting services.

In this example, we'll be fetching a Youtube video showcasing a wine shop. All we need to do is paste in the video URL and click on "Continue".

3) We're done! E-goi will grab a snapshot of the video and overlay a large play button on it. This item works just like an image item (it's actually an image after all ;), so feel free to move it and resize it as you see fit.

And here's the finished result as it appears in the inbox. Looks just like an embedded video. Cool!

When your contacts click on this video, it won't play inside the email, as that wouldn't work for all email clients. Instead E-goi will open it on Youtube (where it's hosted) and play it. If people view the email's Web version, the video will be displayed as an embedded version, ready for one-click playing.

And that's a wrap! Easy-peasy, wasn't it? This way you don't need to worry about whether your video will break, as all email clients (including any iPhone and Android-based mobile device) support this video playing method!

Find below all video hosting services you can currently use with our video email feature:

- Youtube
- Vimeo
- Dailymotion
- Myspace
- Metacafe
- 5min
- Clickthrough
- dotSUB
- Videojug
- Blip
- Screenr
- Qik
- Funny or Die
- Twitpic
- yfrog
- Break