Viewing the invoice of an E-goi service I purchased

Whenever you buy something from us, we'll email you the invoice a few days after your purchase.

All invoices are also stored in your E-goi account in PDF format. To grab them:

1) Go to the upper right corner menu and select "Payments", then hit the "Paid" tab.

2) You'll see all your payments. For those with an invoice available, just hit the «Invoice (PDF)» icon next to them (it looks like a document).

The PDF is digitally signed. If Adobe Reader pops up a warning when you try to open the invoice, right-click on the 1st line (the one with "Rev. 1") and select "Show signature properties". Under "Summary", click "Show certificate", go to the "Trust" menu and hit “Add to trusted identities”.


Changing my billing information

It's simple and you have two ways to do it: once you are on the payment page or just going to the account info.

1) Go to the upper right corner menu and select "Account settings".

2) Click "Billing", in the left menu bar, and make your changes. Then click "Save".

Done! From then on, any invoices we issue will include your updated business info.


Can I send the invoices to someone else from E-goi? 

Sure, it's quite easy!

You just need to add those people's emails in the billing section:

1) Click the upper right corner menu and select "Account settings".

2) In the left menu bar select "Billing". Then, in the bottom of the page click "Advanced"

3) Once you're there, you can add people's emails which you want to send the invoices. Also, you can include some notes for them :)