Adding a link to my file

If you use E-goi to create your email or design your landing page, it's quite simple to link to an external file (eg. a PDF ebook):

1) Edit the text block you want to add your link to (if you've got no text block on your layout yet, just drag the Text widget from the left-hand panel to where you'd like it to appear).

2) Use the mouse to highlight the word or text you want to turn into a link, head over to the left-hand panel and hit the Add link icon.

3) A window will come up. Under Link type, choose File and select the file from your computer. Hit OK when the upload is done.

That's all there is to it! To test your link live, just preview your email or landing page.


How much storage space do I get in E-goi?

It depends on your account level. Don't worry though - even small accounts should have enough space available to store most images and files for your campaigns.