I suddenly get a "can't connect" error while using E-goi. Help!

Easy, don't panic! This doesn't mean E-goi is down (although sometimes accidents do happen :). In our experience, the issue usually lies somewhere else.


Can you access E-goi using a different browser, computer or network connection (eg. outside your workplace)?

If so, there may be something on your network or workstation preventing you from connecting to E-goi.

Are you using Chrome or Firefox? Then open a private browsing session (press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys on Chrome and Ctrl + Shift + P on Firefox) and try to login into E-goi using this direct link: login.egoiapp.com/login. This will ensure your browser's cache will not get in the way.

If you still can't access and you're sure there's nothing in your computer or network firewall which blocks access, it may well be that E-goi itself is blocking you!

For security reasons, E-goi has a "bouncer" system in place which will temporarily block you from accessing any page if we detect too many connections coming from your IP. So, if you're getting "can't connect" error messages from E-goi out of the blue, this is probably the reason.

There's an easy way to check whether we're blocking you. Just contact us (or use Facebook if you can't access the site) and tell us what your current IP is (you can find it at whatismyip.com). We'll then run it against our block list and will work with you to find out where those extra connections are coming from. Hint: they usually involve having a lot of E-goi tabs open at the same time.


Still having trouble?

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