Creating an E-goi Ads campaign

In addition to all the cool ways E-goi allows you to do lead and customer nurturing, you can also bring in all-new prospects by running online ads! Yep, that's true - same as Google Ads (it's actually the same engine) but without the clutter :-)

E-goi Ads helps you easily reach leads outside your contact list, all straight from E-goi. A couple of steps is all that's needed to promote your email campaign to people googling for anything similar to what you've included in the email.


How to create an ad?

Your ad will always be paired to a one-time (broadcast) E-goi email campaign. Just priot to getting the campaign out the door, at the bottom of the checklist page you should see a "boost campaign" option. This will let you create a Google Ad based on your email - E-goi will auto-plug the email's content into your ad, but you're free to change it at will ;-)

Let's break it down for you:


Step 1: Boost your email campaign

Once you're happy with your one-time email (broadcast), go to the pre-send checklist page. Tick each check as usual, scroll down to the bottom and click "I want to boost my campaign".




Step 2: Edit your ad

Wow, how cool is that? E-goi has just pre-filled your ad off your email! The email's sender will go under Company, the ad's URL is your sender domain, the Ad title will be pulled from the email's subject and the actual Ad text will include your email's snippet.

Feel free to change anything you want here to make your ad as engaging as possible. Keep in mind people clicking the ad will be taken to your email campaign's web version. This means the ad is essentially a way to showcase your email to extra prospects.

The preview on the right hand-side will show you how your ad will look like in Google's search results :-)



Step 3: Set your budget

Next choose how much money you want to spend on your ad. The amount will be taken from the available funds in your E-goi account balance. How much is good enough? Well, the ad will always run for 7 days. The higher your budget, the more people the ad will reach over that time.



Step 4: Confirm your ad

Almost there! :-)
Take a close look at your ad copy and budget settings before going live.
Once you confirm this step and then send out your email campaign, the ad will be submitted to Google for approval (may take up to 2 days for them to clear it, but it's usually ready in a couple hours). We'll email you with the go/no-go when we get it from Google. As soon as Google approves your ad, it'll run for 7 days straight.



Which audience will my ad be shown to?

The ad will be displayed by Google to people who may be interested in the content of your email. This is all automatic, leveraging our AI and machine learning tech with Google's algorithms to set a target audience based on your email's keywords, sender, links and your contact list stats and profile. The goal is always bringing in new people for your business!


How much will my ad cost?

The amount you pay is only what you've set as your ad budget.
Google themselves will handle this and ensure you'll never spend more than the budget you chose. If Google doesn't spend the full amount, we'll refund the remainder back to your account balance.


Where do I see the results of my E-goi Ads campaign?

Just open the report of the email campaign which kickstarted the E-goi Ads campaign. To do so, head over to the "Reports" menu, choose "View all" and click the "Report" button of the email campaign you sent out. Inside the report you should see a View Ads report button taking you to the current results of your E-goi Ads campaign.