What's the maximum database file size I can import into E-goi?

You can import database files up to 30 MB in size.

A few tips when importing big files:

- If you're importing an Excel file, make sure to save it in CSV format before uploading it into E-goi (CSV files are much leaner and smaller than Excel).

- If your CSV file is still larger than 30 MB, you can try to compress it in gzip format in order to keep it up to 30 MB. To do so, simply download and install 7-Zip, archive your CSV file as gzip (make sure its columns are delimited by semicolon) and then import it into E-goi. Also be sure to clear anything in the "Delimiter" option box when uploading your file into E-goi.

Importing a very large file with lots of columns may take a while. You can speed the whole thing up by importing only the columns you need. For example, if your file has dozens of data columns for each contact but you just want to import their email addresses, be sure to map the "email" column to E-goi's "email" field while leaving the rest unmapped.