Customising the audience for my E-goi Ads campaign


Fancy a custom audience to be reached by your ad?
You can create your own audience and reach a different target that the one automatically defined from the data on your contact list or your followers on social media.


How do I custom my ad audience?

Just follow a few steps and you'll get there:

1- Create your E-goi Ads Campaign as usual.

2- Once you reach the Audience and Budget step, select Custom Audience.
Then, select the options to define the profile you are looking for. You can either set all them up or only some of them.
The more you target the profile, the more you'll be segmenting your audience. Just bare in mind that a highly targeted ad will reach less people.

  • Demographics
    • Gender
    • Age range
    • Language
    • Location:
      - At this point you should start by clicking Add location, search for the geographic area over the map, define the radius and the name, and finish by clicking Add.
      - Later on, you can hit Locations and manage all the ones you've created.
      - After that, you only need to select the locations on the Audience and Budget page.
      Important detail: If you'd like to show your ad also on social media (Facebook and Instagram), you can only select locations with a maximum radius of 80 km.

  • Interests and keywords
    Start typing the interests to better define your audience and pick a suggestion.
    You can add as many interests as you want :)

3- Define how long your campaign will run for and its budget. Then finish by confirm all the ad details before sending the campaign.


And that's a wrap! You've got it! ;)