Integrating E-goi with WeWiredWeb

1) Log into your WeWiredWeb account and create a new task. Choose "E-goi" as a trigger, click on it and choose "New subscriber in list".

2) Now that the E-goi trigger is in place, select the action which E-goi will trigger (for example, creating a person in Capsule).

That's all there is to it! WeWiredWeb will automatically ask to connect to your Capsule and E-goi accounts. For the latter, you'll need to enter your account's API key, so open a new browser tab, login into your E-goi account, click the "Apps" menu and copy your API key. When you're done, any E-goi sign-ups will be fed to Capsule as new persons!

WeWiredWeb allows you to integrate E-goi with more than 100 apps (Capsule is just one of them).