Enabling E-goi's auto-responsive design

How does your email look like on a smartphone? Need to pinch, scroll or zoom to view it properly? Responsive design makes this a thing of the past by adapting your email layout in real time to ensure it looks perfect on small screens.

E-goi can do it automatically for you. As long as you use our Easygoi editor to create your newsletter, you'll have the option to make it responsive without a single line of code! Just follow these steps:

1) While editing your email in Easygoi, hit the "Global colours and styles" left-hand panel, tick "Responsive design" and save your changes.

2) Test delivery of your email on a smartphone. What looks like this on your computer screen:

Should look like this on your smartphone:

See? On a mobile device, the whole contents of your email is auto-converted into a single column design, making it a breeze to scroll through.

If you don't have a smartphone near you for testing, you can use E-goi's own email client preview. While editing your email, just hit the "Testing" button (top of the page), choose "Client test" and you'll get a sample of how your email looks on a plethora of inboxes, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Will this work for any email I create using Easygoi?

Yes, as long as you keep things simple. The more complex your layout (eg. multiple columns and styles), the more likely it won't render properly on mobile even with this feature turned on, as by its very nature responsive design requires a clean enough layout.

I already have my own responsive newsletter in HTML. Can I use it in E-goi?

Sure! Simply edit your email, click the "Editor" button (top of the editing page) and select "HTML". Replace the whole code with your own and save your changes.