Uploading my own newsletter into E-goi as a ZIP file

E-goi comes complete with several tools to help you quickly put together great-looking emails (either from ground up or based on one of our templates).

But if you've already created your email using another HTML editor, it's a simple matter to put it up in E-goi! Just compress your email's HTML file and images in a ZIP file and upload away.

In this example, we've designed and coded a newsletter in cranky old Frontpage. Let's get it into E-goi.

Here's how to do it:

1) Use your computer's file browser to navigate to the folder where your email's HTML file and related images are located. We'll be compressing all of these in a single zip file, but first make sure to:

- compress only the actual HTML file and all related images instead of compressing the folder where the HTML and related images are located
- check that the name of the HTML file and image files is as simple as possible (spaces and special chars are allowed, but we don't recommend using them :)
- check the ZIP file name is as simple as possible (eg. "newsletter.zip")

2) Create the ZIP file containing your email's HTML and images.

3) Then log into your E-goi account, hit the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Email", and hit "Create".

4) Choose the mailing list you'll be sending your campaign to. Select the campaign type you'd like to send and click "Next".

5) Then select "Import".

6) Select "Upload ZIP file", browse to the ZIP file in your computer and choose it.

E-goi will then import the ZIP file and display your email's HTML in the code editor. You can see what your email looks like by clicking on the editor's "Test" button and selecting "Preview".

That's about it! Keep in mind that, except for image and link paths, E-goi will not make any changes to your original HTML, so make sure that the code you import follows email design guidelines and best practices.