Integrating E-goi with Ninja Kick Subscription

1) Click here to download Ninja Kick Subscription and follow this how-to to install it in your Wordpress site.

2) Once you have installed Ninja Kick Subscription, log into your WordPress Dashboard. Scroll down to the "Settings" tab in the sidebar, select "NK Subscription" and hit "Mailing".

3) Choose "E-goi" from the list. You'll now need to fetch your E-goi API key.

4) Paste your E-goi API key in the Ninja Kick Subscription settings, select the E-goi contact list you want to feed sign-ups to and save your changes.

That's all there is to it! You can then create your Ninja Kick Subscription form (this handy page shows you the effects and templates you can easily play around with). When it goes live, visitors who subscribe will be added to your E-goi list and be sent any autoresponders you have previously setup in E-goi!