Integrating E-goi with my company's mobile app for push sending

Got your own mobile app? You can use E-goi to empower it with push notifications to engage your users.



Why integrate my company's mobile app with E-goi?

Because you'll have access to all the push features (without relying on a developer):

  • More than 2700 pushes delivered per second.
  • Adding an image to the notifications.
  • Highly segmented sendings by geotargeting.
  • Including campaigns along sales funnels and auto-responders.
  • Full push campaigns reports.

To make these features to be 100% functional, you must:

  • Have a Native App (if you have a Hybrid App, contact us through the Help menu so we can analise a solution for you ;).
  • Integrate it with E-goi's Server and Libraries (step 1 and 2 below).



How do I integrate my company's mobile app with E-goi?

You will do it in 2 steps and you'll need the app developer to help you.

Don't worry, once the integration is done, you will be able to send your push notifications by your own :-)


Step 1: Integrating the app with the E-goi's push server

1) First of all, create a Firebase authentication (the app developer will know what it's about :).
To get this file, create a Firebase project and then create a Google service account.
Following these 2 steps you'll generate a JSON file that you'll insert in E-goi later on, see point 4 below.

2) Click the Collect menu, hover your mouse over Push and click Create.

3) Fill in your mobile App details:

  • List to be assigned to your app.
  • App name to identify it in E-goi.
  • Description, you can type it now or later.
  • Field for 2-step registration, in case you ask your contacts to identify themselves when they open the app. Then you'll be able to save this information in your contact list as well.

Then click Next.

4) Upload the Firebase authentication file - which you got in point 1 - and click Save.


Step 2: Integrating the app with E-goi's libraries

The libraries contain all the logic necessary to keep this channel work properly.

To integrate them, just insert the code (which you find in the library itself) into your app.

If you are a developer, check the documentation to conclude the integration.



Done, just completed my app's integration. How do I have it send push messages out?

Have a gander at this how-to