Integrating E-goi with my company's mobile app for push sending

Got your own mobile app? You can use E-goi to empower it with push notifications to engage your users.


Integrating my company's mobile app with E-goi

1) Head over to the "Apps" menu and click "Push apps".

2) Hit the "Add app" button (right-hand side of the page) and select "My current app". Pick the mailing list which will store your app's user data and enter a name, description and logo for the app.

3) Click "Operating systems" (bottom of the page) and provide your app certificate (for iPhone/iPad apps) or Android key (for Android apps). If you don't have neither, just ask your app developers for it.

4) Hit the "Save" button (lower right corner) and you're all set!


My app is iPhone/iPad-based. Which format should I use for its certificate?

We accept p12. If your certificate is in a different format, simply export it (plus its private key) as p12. Check out how to do it here.


Done, just completed my app's integration. How do I have it send push messages out?

Have a gander at this how-to