Merging multiple lists or contacts into a single list

Targeting your contacts with relevant mailings is what your marketing efforts should be all about, as its key for your deliverability.

There's basically two ways to go about doing this: you can either have separate mailing lists for each audience type or (our preferred option) have a single mailing list with all your contacts and use segments to target them. Although you can have multiple lists in E-goi, we strongly recommend you go for the single list approach, as this is a far more flexible and effective segmentation method in the long run.

OK, but what if you already have multiple lists in your account? Simply move contacts from those lists into a single list. This is quite simple to do:

1) Hit the "Contacts" menu and click the "Contacts" button from the list where your contacts are.

2) A page with all contacts in that list will come up. Tick those you'd like to move.

3) Hit "Actions" (bottom of the page) and click "Move". Select the list you want to move your selected contacts to and confirm this.

That's all there is to it! Within 24 hours, E-goi will have transferred your contacts to the destination list. Keep in mind that once you have moved your contacts, you can't move them back to the original list or to any other list where those same contacts were moved from!

If you'd rather move all contacts in a segment, you can do it just as easily. Simply load that segment and follow the steps above.