Integrating E-goi with Gleam

It's quite simple. Just follow the steps below:


Integrating E-goi with a Gleam Capture form

1) Log into your Gleam account, click the "Captures" menu, and pick "E-goi" at the "Choose an email provider" step.

2) Select a Gleam template for your sign-up form and hit "Customise". 

3) Set how your form will look and behave and click the "Email integrations" tab. Enter your E-goi API key. Under "List name" paste in the exact public title of your mailing list in E-goi. Choose whether you want sign-ups to be single or double opt-in and then click "Save".

Once you've added the Gleam form to your site, any sign-ups will be fed to E-goi and be sent any autoresponders you have previously set up in E-goi!


Integrating E-goi with a Gleam Competition widget

1) Log into your Gleam account, click the "Competitions" menu, and hit "New competition".

2) Set your competition details. Under the "How to enter" tab, select "Subscribe to a newsletter" (you'll need a paid Gleam plan to be able to choose this option). Click "Add email integration" and choose "E-goi". If you've already configured a Gleam Capture form to use E-goi, simply select "Use site settings". If you'd rather have your competition subscribers be sent to a different E-goi list, choose "Send to different list" and follow the on-screen instructions. Hit "Save" once you're done.