Creating a remarketing campaign in E-goi Ads

Remarketing campaigns are used to connect with visitors to your website and recover their attention.
It's quite easy to create these campaigns in E-goi and you'll see how to do it right away ;)


What is remarketing and how does it work?

Re-impact and connect with people who may not immediatly purchased or enquired anything on your website - that's the point of remarketing or retargeting campaigns.
This tool will allow you to position an ad in front of an audience that had previously visited your website while they browse around another webpages and social media.
That means that you'll be reaching a super-qualified targeted audience, including leads and even clients, to recover abandoned carts, to build customer loyalty and to increase engagement.


What can I promote?

You can create your remarketing ad based in two types of content:
a) Choosing the content you want to promote: an email campaign you've sent out, an external page, a sign-up form or products from your ecommerce.
If you want to promote a selection of products from your online store, you should have a Catalog in E-goi to be able to include them in your ad.

b) In the other hand, you can promote products viewed by your customers, choosing the dynamic products option, and then bringing people back to your site to complete what they started :)
This second option will only show your ad in social media and it'll be available very soon, but you can use the first option right now.
In this case, you should also have a Catalog in E-goi to be able to include them in your ad.


Should I run my ad for a minimum time frame?

Definitely, yes. It must be active for at least two weeks and it's due to the targeted audience that is created. This is the minimum period of time you need to see results :)
Basically, your remarketing campaign will start showing results after 2 or 3 days as the audience is created from your website visitors.
So the longer you have your ad running, the more people will see it.


How to create a remarketing ad?

Step 1: Check the efficiency of your webpage 

First of all, you must ensure that your site is updated, it's fully functional and it has an updated privacy policy informing your visitors that cookies may be used for third-party advertising.


Step 2: Installing the website tracking code

That's the code you'll use to connect your ecommerce to your E-goi account, so that your ads can be viewed by your visitors.
You can set that code either automatically or manually, depending on how you builded your site. The best part of it? You only need to do it once!

- Automatically: through our WordPress or PrestaShop plugin 
This option should be done before Creating your Ad.
Begin by installing or updating the Wordpress or Prestashop plugin and then enable the Remarketing option as you can see below.
If you want to create campaigns based on dynamic products, you should enable the Product Microdata as well.
Finally, you only need to select or add your site once you reach the Audience and Budget step while creating your ad.





- Manually: adding our JS Code in your website
You'll find this code while Creating your Ad.
Once you reach the point where you define the ad Audience and Budget, click Remarketing and select Add another site in the dropdown list.
Then, copy the JS Code and paste it between the tags <head> and </head> of your header page.
Then, return to E-goi and click Check.

JS Code



Step 3: Create your remarketing campaign

Finally, create your Ad.
Just follow the usual steps to create an ad in E-goi, and click the Remarketing option in the Audience and Budget step.
And then, select the Website where E-goi will get the audience.