Creating an autoresponder

Getting contacts to subscribe to your mailing list is only half the equation - you must keep them engaged on what you have to offer! One of the best ways to nurture them is setting up an autoresponder, which will automatically dole out a series of follow-up messages to contacts joining your list.

You can create an autoresponder in E-goi in no time using E-goi's powerful Autobots (yep, the Transformers reference is intended). Just follow the steps below:

1) Head over to the "Campaigns" menu and select "Automation (Autobots)".

2) Click the "Create new Autobot" button and choose "Custom". Tick the mailing list the auto-responder will be sent to and provide it with a name. Set it to trigger on "Subscription" and hit "Continue".

3) You'll be taken to the auto-responder workflow editor. What will actually happen after a contact subscribes? You can choose from a number of actions, but as we're setting up an auto-responder, select "Wait" from the left-hand panel, drag it into the workflow and drop it under the "Subscription" trigger. Set it to, say, 2 minutes and save it.

4) Now select "Send campaign" from the same left-hand panel, drag it into the workflow and drop it under the "Wait" action you've added. If you go for a new campaign instead of an already-existing one, choose the type of message you want to send as a follow-up (email, SMS, voice call, etc.). That's right, you can create multichannel autoresponders in E-goi (such as an SMS follow-up)! In this example we'll be setting up an email autoresponder, so click "Email".

5) You'll then be asked how you want to create the email. You can design it from scratch, but we've got a couple of great-looking ready-made templates to help you out. Just head down to the "Newsletter" templates section, choose "Autoresponder" (they look like the one shown below) and hit "Next step" in the following page.

6) Replace our boilerplate text and pics with your own and set the email's sender and subject (and any other options you need). Then hit "Deploy" and finish deploying the campaign.

Congratulations, your first autoresponder is now live! It'll be triggered a couple minutes after someone subscribes to this mailing list.

You'll probably want to create additional follow-ups (drip campaign). Easy-peasy! Just drag and drop a "Wait" action below the 1st autoresponder and set how long E-goi will wait for. Now drag another "Send campaign" action into the series and create your 2nd autoresponder. Do the same for each additional autoresponder so they are triggered progressively later. All of them will be scheduled for sending whenever someone subscribes to your list.

In case you need to rearrange the order of messages in the series, simply drag them and drop them anywhere else in the workflow.


Cool, but how can people subscribe to start receiving my autoresponder sequence?

No worries, just add an E-goi subscription form to your site! Choose from one of our ready-made form templates or create your own. Just make sure the list you create the form in is the same you've set your autoresponders to be sent out to.


What else can Autobots do for me?

Lots! Check out the full list of available triggers and actions!